Pyromaani (English)

Album: Valoissa

Song: Pyromaani

The pyromaniac

The pyromaniac only writes his diary
It’s useless
Because the pages will be burnt later
Even if he wanted
He could never change
Because nothing can replace his old love

The fire breaks out again
Nobody else can understand this dream

For him it’s the most beautiful thing in the world
When the flames dance
He can forget

Someone else is waiting the world to end
Or drunkenness
Someone just swallows sleeping pills
And lies down waiting until

A dream takes him
To a more beautiful reality

All night he worships god
Who carries the sceptre
Which can change everything in a trice
No need to carry the past with him

Someone speaks beautiful words
Paints angel faces on the clouds
Even though bitterness tears heart
When it is time to leave

But a white winged angel never came to pick him up
Hey, what’s ahead
But a man in black cloak never come to pick him up

He had to leave alone
Didn’t even know himself
What is the destination if there is any
Who will save him or is all just black

I think I don’t belong here
I’m dreaming of something else
That’s why a create a more beautiful world
Disappear in my dreams
Who know which is real

Some say I’m just running away
When I lock the windows and doors
But I will create a new world
A more beautiful one
I know
It is real

Credits by Laba (user from Indica Official Forum)


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