Indica Europe-tour in March-April 2009

Indica volverá a hacer una gira europea junto a Nightwish y el grupo sueco Pain.

Indica will perform across Europe again with Nightwish, and the Swedish band Pain.

11.03.2009 Carling Academy Brixton, London, UK
14.03.2009 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
15.03.2009 Ahoy Arena, Rotterdam, Netherlands
17.03.2009 Palladium, Cologne, Germany
18.03.2009 Emslandhallen, Lingen, Germany
20.03.2009 Europahalle, Karlsruhe, Germany
21.03.2009 Messehalle, Erfurt, Germany
23.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
24.03.2009 Zenith, Paris, France
26.03.2009 Zenith, Munich, Germany
28.03.2009 St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland
30.03.2009 Palabam, Mantova, Italy
31.03.2009 Palasport, Pordenone, Italy
02.04.2009 Cibona Hall, Zagreb, Croatia
04.04.2009 Fonix Hall, Debrecen, Hungary

No van a España TT.TT…


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